Summer Floral Dresses

So I’ve been busy prepping my wardrobe for New York. I am so very excited, Fashion week here I come!

I once read that the best travelhack was to pack actual outfits that you’ve prepared in advance. Don’t just pack 20 bikinis, 10 dresses, 5 pairs of shoes because you will be pulling outfits off when they don’t look right and wasting valuable sun/eating time.

This really served me well on evenings, particularly in Mykonos, when I just wanted to enjoy getting ready and sit and watch the sunset with a crisp cold glass of wine.

One thing i’ve noticed about my favourite purchases this year is that they are all far from plain, and seem to have a running theme; floral patterns.

I also love it that now the evenings are dropping slightly cooler, because there’s nothing I like more than a floral dress, leather jacket combo.

So I’ve chosen a few of my favourite floral dresses and this is the collective.

  1. Red Tea Dress – H&M
  2. Kimono Dress – Zara
  3. Floral Long Sleeve Dress – Zara
  4. Pink Floral Maxi – Zara