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RIXO London - PetiteDemi

I am so excited to start this blog post, after speaking to RIXO London and gaining permission to write about the brand that I have coveted for a good year or so now.

I can’t remember where I was when I came across RIXO, I just remember seeing Emma Connolly wearing a show stopper and I needed that dress. A celebrity endorsement is worth a lot of money these days thanks to social media.

Strangely the next day, I was shopping with my friend when she said “Oh you know I’ve seen a dress you NEED to buy, it’s so you, I’ll find it later.”

An hour later she handed me her phone and showed me the exact dress that I’d fallen in love with on instagram – my response, “I SAW THIS YESTERDAY but it’s sold out, I’ve checked.” The dress instantly screamed Henri Matisse to me – an artist whose work that is undoubtedly recognisable.

I did some more digging into the brand and instantly my love grew. These girls had not only created clothing that I suddenly craved, from what I gathered they’d defied the logic of ‘it takes time to get a brand off the ground’…

Having worked for a prestigious London based Branding agency, I know how time can make or break a brand and of course; talk is cheap, but money makes the world go round.

RIXO London was born an amalgamation of surnames, friendship, and perseverance. After spending a weekend with paintbrushes in hand and ideas in mind, Henrietta and Orlagh had created their first two prints. Obscure to many, covetable to me.

As a label, within twelve months it had a unique story to tell and had officially made it to the online shelves of

The creative duo started at London College of arts, but then headed to online giant asos, where their position was to buy and not to design, some would say their vision was suppressed, inevitably they cut and run, literally. 

Fast forward a year, flick through the likes of Vogue, ELLE and Instagram and you will see their beautiful prints adorning celebrities and models.

You may be wondering why I’m writing this post about other people’s success and not my own, but is there anything more exciting than knowing that you really can make it in your twenties?

Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky, two ‘twenty somethings’ with a story that is almost as inspiring as their prints, were at the back of my mind when I decided to take the leap from a branding agency where I was definitely climbing the ranks, my position was only getting better, but I just kept getting this ‘what if?’ feeling. I was only 23 but I was safe, should I stay, should I go, what else is out there? I leaped and only time will tell.

I’ve decided to include a few of my favourite pieces that inspired me to write this blog post.

RIXO London - PetiteDemi

RIXO London - PetiteDemi

RIXO London - PetiteDemi

RIXO London - PetiteDemi

  1. The Cindy Dress, because I need another Kimono in my life (My Fiancé thinks not)
  2. The Moss Blouse, my ultimate favourite, Ive got visions of this paired with the Georgia Leopard print skirt.
  3. The Alexa Scarf, because Mr Matisse said it would look great on my neck and as a handbag scarf!
  4. The Brona Dress, this I just cannot stop lusting over. I can just see it with a Gucci Belt!

Thank you to Henrietta & Orlagh for allowing me to create this blog piece, you can shop all the pieces above here –

All imagery credit – RIXO London.