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Before I discovered Heaven by Deborah Mitchell products, I had literally no idea how bad a lot of products on the market are for you.

I was using Garnier micellar water and the odd make up wipe. For a long time I was getting dry patches on my skin and spots would always appear in roughly the same place.

My skin in winter was always completely different to summer, dry and then oily.

I then had the opportunity to meet Deborah Mitchell herself, she told me that I actually had patches of eczema on my face and neck, she said this could be down to a number of things, stress and excessive intake of milk (I actually don’t like milk but I was eating yoghurt every morning for breakfast.)

She also went on to tell me that I had an oily t-zone and I needed to stop it with more oil, to me this was alien as surely this would make my skin even oilier? Apparently not.

I then tried the products that she said I needed to get, and since then I have never looked back.

I’ve been using Heaven products for a little over a year now and I thought I’d post about my top 5 favourite products.

Coming in at number one, is the signature Heaven Product – The Silver Bee Venom Mask. Yes it actually contains venom from a bee, all completely above board though, and no bees are harmed whilst the venom is extracted. The mask has worked wonders for me, particularly the eczema patches, they are now a thing of the past. It’s really good for acned skin and those with dry patches, also its brilliant for that anti ageing effect, (start young she told me, I wont regret it when I’m 50) It feels like silk and you can sleep in it, or wash it off. I used it on holiday after my face burnt slightly, and it stopped the pain.

Two has to be the Bee Polish, again this contains the bee venom, but in a raw form, along with Glycolic acid which is amazing as an exfoliator. The minute I have a little break out now I put this on, and my spots are literally half the size the next day. I wash this off after ten minutes and my skin literally feels brand new. It can tingle a lot on areas that are a bit problematic as this is the venom getting to work.

I then think Dream oil is my next favourite. This is the oil buster, and also great for eczema. I apply this in the evenings and mix it in with either Divine Cream or the WillowBee mask. It feeds and nourishes your skin and balances the oil levels at the same time. Not to mention that it induces sleep, which for me is a big plus as I love a good nights sleep! My oily t-zone used to make an appearance at 4 in the afternoon every day, but gone are those days.

Next up is the Divine Cream, now I’m not sure if it’s name came from it’s scent but wow! It’s a little thicker than the rest of the Heaven products but it smells like a freshly cut orange to me! It contains Mandarin, (a natural source of Vitamin C) and Neroli which I have since learnt is great for scarring and blemishes. I always put this on when my skin is feeling normal but I want a bit of a boost.

And last but not least is the WillowBee Mask. This is the skincare alternative to aspirin. It get’s its name from its Willow Bark contents, which come from the Willow Tree. It acts as an antibacterial on the skin and nourishes any blemishes or dry areas. It’s great for those with acne and problematic skins. Again I sleep in this, although you can wash it off, I use this around my time of the month as I get those annoying hormonal spots that just pop up when you least want them to.

All in all, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t use any other skincare brand now that I know about Heaven by Deborah Mitchell. It’s all natural and has worked wonders for my skin, I can see why it is loved by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and even royalty!

You can shop all the products I have included here: heavenskincare.com


PetiteDemi - A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

PetiteDemi - A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

PetiteDemi - A Fashion & Lifestyle Blog